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Thanks for visiting my author website and reading my book, Sometimes I Get the Wiggles. I was inspired to write it after watching my son, Kannon, struggle when he first went off to school, until a wise teacher helped his classmates see the boy behind the epileptic seizures. She turned them into her helpers and Kannon’s dearest friends.

I came to see those youngsters—the boys and girls who helped Kannon fit into school and who helped their teacher by keeping an eye on my son on the playground or when she was out of the room—as Seizure Heroes.  I will ever be grateful to them, as will Kannon.

I hope you enjoy Sometimes I Get the Wiggle, and after reading it maybe you, too, will want to become a Seizure Hero! You may or may not know other students who have epilepsy, but I bet there is someone in your classroom or school who could use a hero to stand by them.

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Andee Cooper

Sometimes I Get the Wiggles

Hardcover Picture Book

$20.00 U.S.

ISBN: 978-1-937054-22-9


2016 LGS FOUNDATION HONOR: Andee Cooper was named the Honoree for the 2016 Leader in LGS Award.

TENNESSEE TITAN CHEER:  The Tennessee Titan cheerleaders took a moment to honor two of their own — Titan cheerleader Kellee and her nephew Kannon Cooper — by donning purple for practice in anticipation of National LGS Awareness Day on Nov. 1.  Kellee and her fellow cheerleaders sent a shout out to Kannon, whose own struggle with epilepsy inspired his mother to write the book Sometimes I Get the Wiggles.


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